Proximity Sensors
         Operating Principles
         Connector Cord Sets

         Value Line Proximity


         Length Measuring


         Hour Meters
         Elapse Time

         Sensor Power Supplies
         Timing Controls
         Rotation Controls


Battery powered LCD electronic counter special
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High operating temperature inductive sensors
High operating temperature inductive sensors
120°C / 248°F

Rotation Controls

PDF Datasheet
CRTP This device is composed of a central electronic unit that plugs into a socket and an inductive, capacitive or photoelectric sensor. Since the sensor is separate any number of sensors can be used allowing for this unit to operate in a number of applications.
CRT30 The CRT30 is a combination of a 30mm diameter inductive sensor and rotation control device. The operating distance of the sensor is between 4 and 6 mm on metallic material. The wide power supply range (18-50 DC and 18-240 AC), various programmable functions, and output relay make this device suitable for a variety of applications.



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